District Wide HPV Vaccine Rate Improvement - QI Project - Recruiting Maine Practices

Posted on February 03, 2017

District One of the American Academy of Pediatrics (New England States and Uniform Services East) is offering a short (9 month) learning collaborative project. We are recruiting up to FIVE practices in Maine to be part of this collaborative. 

You can download a recruitment letter and timeline (which may be slightly revised based on when we confirm participating practices) which offers a broad overview of the expectations of the project. The learning modules and interactive components of this project feature proven best practice strategies and methodologies. There will be QI experts available to help practices address their unique challenges. A stipend will be provided to each practice, and a site visit using a standardized patient is offered as a learning tool. 

If you are interested in participating or need more information prior to making that decision, please contact me at the phone number below or by direct email to dakerry@aap.net