MEAAP Newsletter from the Chapter President:

Posted on November 06, 2017

MEAAP Newsletter from the Chapter President:

It’s been a busy 4 months since we started our 2017-18 fiscal year. Our annual budget is heavily dependent on grants and we’ve been making progress on our Developmental Disabilities Transition to Adulthood project. If any of you haven’t had an opportunity to complete the Transition survey, please help us complete this project (SURVEY). Our successful work with the Developmental Disabilities Council and Quality Counts lowered the age of a child having an evaluation for developmental delay and autism from age 5 to age 2 and a half, with services delivered by age 3! The Autism Society of Maine recognized Amy Belisle, Nancy Cronin and me for our work on this project.

We have a contract with Quality Counts funded by the AAP and Pfizer to improve ADHD care in Maine and we’re moving ahead rapidly with this project; and our VP Deb Hagler was recently awarded a Catch Grant to work on opiate treatment for teens with addiction in Maine. Way to go Deb!

Projects that just finished include the HPV Grant shared with District I, and thanks to Larry Losey for his efforts! And the Foster Care grant spearheaded by Adrienne Carmack; she gave a great summary of the project at the National NCE in Chicago. Tory Rogers also gave a great presentation at the NCE to 3 packed rooms on the use of the obesity algorithm. Great job Tory!

Our Strategic plan identified managing problems from the legalization of marijuana as one of our lead objectives. With Amy Movius providing leadership and energy we were able to get the legislature to modify the law to include a statement "prohibiting the sale of edible marijuana products in the shape of fruit, animals, or people”. It’s a start in getting marijuana edibles out of the reach of children. Also from our Strategic Plan, along the advocacy line, we had Mark Del Monte, the AAP Sr. VP for Advocacy, speak at the MMA conference in Bar Harbor on working with State and Federal legislators and our Chapter had an amazing effort to connect with Senator Collins, urging her to protect CHIP and Medicaid. AND SHE DID!

So, whats next? Jan Gorton attended the Perinatal Quality Collaborative conference as our representative; this grew out of the home birth collaborative to improve care to babies in our state no matter where they are born. The Maine CDC Advisory Committee on Blood Spot screening has had 3 meetings and will have a recommendation for CMV screening ready by the end of December. And the second session of the 128th Maine Legislature is soon to begin. Bills coming before the legislature that have pertinence to the Maine Medical Association are discussed weekly at the legislative Committee call. If you’re interested in taking part in the calls, please contact Dee Kerry for more information.

Finally, I need to address our financial sustainability. We have an annual budget of about $100,000.00. Between dues, our annual conference and grants, we’ve been able to keep a little ahead. But just 1 bad year with limited grants or a poor turnout for our conference and we’re back on the brink. I’m proposing a 3 year challenge to raise $150,000 for our long term sustainability fund. I’m opening the challenge by writing a check for $2500.00 for this year and pledging to give the same next year and the year after. If our 200 or so members made a pledge to give just 10% of my challenge we would meet this goal.        And it’s still tax deductible! 

Happy Thanksgiving!  Steve