AAP's COVID Vaccination Disinformation Webinars

Posted on August 27, 2023

 AAP hosted a webinar series with GQR and Factchequeado to share information on online immunization misinformation and tips on how to respond to it. In case you missed the live events, the recordings are available and linked below.  

  • The first webinar went over immunization disinformation distribution, discussed how to identify the core bad actors and networks spreading disinformation, and shared best practices for responding to disinformation online.  
  • The second webinar offered strategies on how to respond to specific threats with real-life scenarios.  
  • The third webinar helped pediatricians learn about specific social media campaigns targeting Hispanic and Latino communities and how to counter disinformation to encourage vaccine confidence.  

These resources are available with many others on the “Communicating with Families and Promoting Vaccine Confidence” patient care toolkit.