Health Mis/Dis Information Webinar

Posted on February 26, 2023

​Health Misinformation, Disinformation, and the iHeard Surveillance and Response System

What are the differences between mis- and dis-information and how can the public health community respond effectively?

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Kreuter

About this Webinar

This presentation will cover the difference between misinformation and disinformation and their implications for public health. Participants will learn how surveillance systems can be used in response to mis- and disinformation generally and as exemplified by the iHeard surveillance and response system.

What you'll learn

At the end of the recording, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the differences between misinformation and disinformation
  • Explain the public health costs and concerns related to misinformation and disinformation
  • Describe how a community-level surveillance and response system for health misinformation and disinformation works, including the necessary components, strengths, and limitations
  • Analyze the different ways components of a misinformation surveillance and response system can be implemented in communities with varying resources
  • Apply content to develop individual and community level public health messages