Info for Pediatricians to Share with Families: Formula Shortage & Substitutions Chart from WIC

Posted on June 02, 2022

Resources on the Formula Shortage:

  • Maine WIC: Please continue to refer families who need infant formula to your local WIC agencies so they can be assessed for eligibility and provide assistance finding formula. If a family is eligible for MaineCare, TANF and/or SNAP they are also eligible for WIC. Information on the formula recall is on the Maine WIC website.
  • Federal HHS has a website on Information for Families During the Formula Shortage that contains a comprehensive list of resources and guidance for families seeking formula during the shortage. This site is also available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, and Navajo. HHS has also created a Baby Formula Shortage Social Media Toolkit that provides social media graphics and social media copy for posts, also available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole. The graphics and copy help direct people to the HHS site and also offer resources to find infant formula, as well as guidance and best practices for families in need of baby formula.
  • The Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition also addressed the shortage here and has resources on their website

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