Interview: Dr. Amy Buczkowski

Posted on November 01, 2022

Interview: Amy Buczkowski, MD

Q. You were nominated for your work bringing the Maine AAP’s social media presence to a new level and improving communications. What about this have you enjoyed and is there a way that chapter members could get involved?

Working with the Maine AAP on its social media platforms has been super fun! It is a new way to engage with the chapter membership and promote issues that we care about as a Chapter. Our Chapter trainees have also played a huge part in creating social media campaigns, and I have been particularly excited by their work to highlight health and healthcare disparities in at-risk youth populations. We always welcome ideas for posts, which can include advocacy topics, new clinical guidelines, or other resources. We also love to highlight achievements of those in the Chapter, so please don't hesitate to connect with me or Dee with any news you'd like to share!

Q. You have been very involved in the AAP and started as a resident just a few years ago. How has the AAP (National or Chapter) helped you grow in your career?

Both the National and Maine AAP have been instrumental in my early career. The Maine AAP is my home for advocacy work, as it provides education in practical advocacy skills and partnership in advocacy efforts. I also have attended the National AAP Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC, which I highly recommend for anyone looking for an inspirational opportunity to network with other pediatrician advocates and learn key legislative advocacy skills. The Maine AAP also provides other excellent educational opportunities that have strengthened my clinical skills through educational series and conferences. These are also really great times to network and connect with other Maine pediatricians. Beyond my own personal development, I also cherish the opportunities I have had to mentor and help resident trainees connect to the Maine AAP through committee work and legislative advocacy.

Q. What have you done this summer that was fun/enjoyable?

My husband and I visited the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, where you get to walk among hundreds of butterflies, exotic birds, and flamingos. It felt like walking through an enchanted garden!