Health Care Transition Support Videos for People Impacted by Spina Bifida

Posted on August 27, 2023

These 6 educational videos were launched in April 2023 and was developed with the support of 12 subject matter experts (SMEs) and AAP staff. The videos targeting youth and families with spina bifida (SB) highlight key timelines for health care transition (HCT) from pediatric to adult-focused health care, and strengthen collaboration and coordination between clinicians, specifically for youth and young adults with SB. Building on other efforts to support the HCT process, the videos also aim to emphasize the needs of individuals with spina bifida and address support for cognitive and physical challenges which could impact self-management and quality of life. Users may watch the videos here (available in both English and Spanish) to better understand how to prepare for health care transition.

This resource is being widely promoted through AAP internal and external promotional channels, as well as relevant listservs and newsletters.

Direct Link to YouTube Playlist in English: Spina Bifida: Transition to Adult Health Care - YouTube

Direct Link to YouTube playlist in Spanish: Espina bífida: La transición de la atención médica - YouTube

Physical Development Delays: What to Look For
This tool was initially developed in 2015 and was based on the AAP Clinical Report, Motor Delays: Early Identification and Evaluation. It serves to support parents and caregivers, especially those of newborns and young children, better understand the importance of identifying developmental issues early. The AAP team worked with a group of subject matter experts (SMEs) to review, update, and relaunch this tool to ensure that the content is relevant and helpful, and that the tool site is easy to access and navigate. This motor skill tool can help parents keep track of their child's development and learn more about physical developmental skills in children, such as rolling over, sitting up, grabbing toys, and walking. The tool was launched last week is being widely promoted through AAP and social medias, as well as internal and external promotional channels.