Asthma/Respiratory Illnesses

Building upon the 2020 Global Initiative For Asthma (GINA) guidelines and the significant burden of disease within pediatrics, this AAP clinical report highlights this ripe opportunity for multidisciplinary management of asthma, allergic rhinitis and skin diseases in children.

Maine Lung Cancer Coalition: Information on all aspects of lung cancer including a statewide approach to education, prevention, screening, and a list known risk factors

Why Does My Child Have a Chronic Cough?

Whooping Cough

Symptom Checker - (0 -12 months)

Whooping Cough: A brief description of what whooping cough is, who is at risk, signs and symptoms, and treatment.

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)

RSV: When It's More Than Just a Cold

Symptom Checker - Bronchiolitis - RSV

Recognizing the Ill Child: Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Immunization Information Statement: RSV Preventative Antibody - What You Need to Know - CDC


Tuberculosis in Children

TB in Children - CDC


Pneumonia in Children


Croup and Your Young Children


Bronchiolitis in Children


American Lung Association: Asthma

Clinical Tools to Assess Asthma Control in Children