Adolescent Mental Health Resources

Maine Pediatric and Behavioral Health Partnership - Pediatric Mental Health Care Access

The Mission of the Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership is to educate, support and empower pediatric care providers and their clinical team members through training and ongoing web-based and telephonic patient care consultations with behavioral health providers.

The Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership Program is designed to implement a standard of care change for health care providers in Maine to improve access to pediatric behavioral health care. The goal is to maximize the functioning of the current system, not replace it.

Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership is available to registered providers and practices for all children and families, regardless of insurance or financial status. Maine Pediatric & Behavioral Health Partnership services are provided free of charge. The program is funded through a HRSA grant and State of Maine annual matched funds.

To get more information about the program or to enroll, please call 1-833-MPBHP11 (1-833-672-4711).

Call the ACCESS Line at 1-833-672-4711 Monday thru Friday 9am-4pm to request a consultation!

View a project Poster comparing Access Programs submitted by Dr. Deb Hagler and her intern at the Maine AAP Spring Conference 2023

AAP Resources

Clinical Guidance and Policy on Mental Health/Mental Health Competencies

Tools and Resources

Physician Education and Training: Includes a video series, telehealth modules, access to online courses, and more to help in the delivery of mental health care

Practice Tools & Resources: Includes guidance on getting your practice ready; practice workflow tools; and examples of brief interventions and symptom-based care

Resources for Families: This section contains handouts for families to help them support their child/adolescent’s healthy mental development and provides links to articles on AAP’s public-facing Web site,

National and Community Resources: This section provides helpful links to key external organizations that have mental health resources for children, adolescents, and families

Physician Health and Wellness: Find resources to support your own self-care and wellness

Blueprint for Youth Suicide Prevention: An educational resource that provides strategies for identifying and supporting youth at risk for suicide.

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (dial 9-8-8 or text HOME to 741741)

A national 24-hour resource if someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis