Back to School Resources

Resources For Community and Families

Pre-Screening Tool for Families Pre Screening Maine DOE

Guide for Families and Educators:
Return to School Guidance for the School Community

Webinars hosted by the Maine Parent Federation - includes a webinar by Dr. Laura Blaisdell, Maine AAP Vice President on Back to School

How Long to Quarantine if Exposed to COVID-19:

Face Masks and Kids:

For Teens and Masks:

For Kids with special needs and Masks:

COVID-19and Kids with Special Health Care Needs:

The Maine Parent Federation has resource s including listing different questions parents should be considering when speaking with their local school district and how the MDOE guidance addresses these questions.

Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s Health: COVID-19 Resources for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Home Care of patient with COVID-19

Family education of Many Covid Needs:

Many COVID-19 Related Issues:

Mental Health Support:

Maine NAMI Teen text Support 207 515 TEXT 12pm-10pm

24/7 Crisis text Line text HOME to 741741

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Video from Mayo Clinic

Greater Good Society Guide to Wellbeing During the Pandemic

National Child traumatic Stress Network Trauma Informed Schools:

National Child traumatic Stress Network Supporting Children During Covid

Managing your Mental health During Covid -From American Psychological Association.

Links to DOE:


National Academy Sciences Engineering and Medicine: Reopening K-12 Schools During the COVID Pandemic:

Filling in the Blanks:National Research Needs to Guide the Decisions About School Reopenings in the United States;

Johns Hopkins School Openings Policy Tracker:

Encouraging safe Behavior During the Pandemic:

Equity and School Reopening from Johns Hopkins - Lost Learning during Covid, Understanding Which Students Lost the Most:

COVID 19 School and Community Resource Library July 6 2020

AAP News: AAP guidance on school reopening addresses physical and mental health, instructional time