Chapter Champions

A Chapter Champion is a pediatric provider with interest and expertise in a particular area of pediatric medicine. The Champion is an advocate for children and a resource for others in the community. They have knowledge of current guidelines, advocacy, and best practice in each focus area and serve as a link to other providers in the community with a similar interest.

As practicing pediatricians, your experiences can guide your passions and interest – Chapter Champions embody this dedication and enthusiasm for pediatric care!

  • If you find that you share an interest in one of the below topics, please reach out to the listed provider if you have questions or ideas to share.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Chapter Champion of an unlisted topic, please contact Dee Kerry at

These focus areas are meant to reflect current interests, projects and needs of the Chapter or in our State. They were either self-selected or nominated by a current Executive Committee member and agreed upon by the individual(s) listed. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all areas of pediatric care – and can expand or contract based on Chapter Champion interest, project work by our members, or needs in Maine.

ACEs and Resilience

Adolescent Medicine

Asthma/Respiratory Illnesses

Behavioral Health/Mental Health


Child Mortality

Children with Special Health Needs

Ear, Nose and Throat


Environmental Health


Hearing Screening

Infectious Disease & Infection Prevention

Lead Poisoning/Exposure

Legislative Advocacy

LGBTQ/Transgender Health

Marijuana - Medical and Recreational

Maternal and Newborn Care

Obesity Prevention, Treatment & Education

Oral Health

Refugee/Immigrant Health

Resident/Medical Education

Safe Sleep

Smoking/Vaping/Tobacco Cessation

Structural Racism

Substance Use/Opioid Treatment


Transitions of Care - Pediatric to Adult Practices