Oral Health

Oral health is an important component of overall health, and poor oral health is a leading cause for students missing school. In a time when each day in school is even more important, and when oral health services have been limited due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are in strong support of efforts to improve access to oral health care so that no child has to suffer from dental disease.

Kids Oral Health Partnership

Engages and trains non-dental providers in Maine for better oral health outcomes in very young children. Training and tools for oral health risk assessment, culturally and linguistically appropriate materials, and help in referring to dental providers

The American Academy of Pediatrics released today: Fluoride Remains a Powerful Tool to Prevent Tooth Decay

“Families can help children adopt healthy habits from a very young age with simple routines, including the appropriate use of fluoride to prevent dental disease,” Dr. Clark said. “We encourage parents to talk to their pediatricians about getting fluoride varnish at their well child visit and how much fluoride toothpaste to use for their children.”

For parents- FAQ: Fluoride and Children.