Tourette's Syndrome

Below you will find a list of all of educational toolkits which are free to download and are appropriate for providers, educators, and patients/ families.


What is TS? []


Provider Toolkit []

Patient/ Family Toolkit []

Educator Toolkit []

Law Enforcement Toolkit []

Children’s Toolkit []

Young Adult Toolkit []

Informational videos:

Tourette Syndrome is… [].

How do you live with Tourette Syndrome: A short documentary []

Resources for Medical Provider:

  1. Tools for Medical Professionals
  2. Provider Education Webinar Series: In a webinar series designed for healthcare providers, the TAA has identified topics that are applicable to those who are involved in the care of individuals living with Tourette Syndrome and for those who are interested in learning more about TS treatment and management. We invite physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and psychologists, regardless of Tourette Syndrome experience, to participate in these webinars. FREE CMEs are available for both live and enduring participation.