COVID-19 Resources

Posted on December 11, 2021

For Latest on COVID-19: Visit the CDC Info Pages

Download Guide for COVID-19 Vaccine Dosing by Ages Download a quick reference guide from the AAP for age-appropriate dosing of the COVID-19 vaccine. The chart includes information for immunocompromised children.

AAP: Children and COVID-19 Vaccinations Trends October 5, 2022: PowerPoint Presentation (

Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics in Maine from the DHHS Community Care & Vaccine Equity that is updated weekly. For all statewide vaccination sites, see Covid-19 Vaccination Sites in Maine and the Map of Vaccine Locations in Maine (October 2022)

Maine Residents May Now Order Free COVID-19 Tests Every Month Through Project ACT Households in Maine may place one order per month through the Project ACT website and receive one free kit of five rapid tests mailed to their home address. (October 2022)

AAP COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

AAP Critical Updates on COVID-19: Email for questions or comments related to the pandemic.

State of Maine COVID-19 Response Page: Updated information on testing, treatment and vaccines. (October 2023)

When to Quarantine and Isolate:

Use the CDC’s COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation calculator to decide when, and for how long, people with COVID-19 and close contacts need to stay home, get tested, and wear a well-fitting mask.

Do you as a pediatrician/clinician need help providing information on quarantining and isolation for those with COVID symptoms/positive test result?

Return to Sports and Physical Activity:

P​​ediatric Clearance to Begin Return to Activity following COVID-19 Infection: Children under 12 need to adhere to the same guidelines for getting cleared (i.e. page one of the letter), but once they are cleared, they do NOT need to follow the structured return to play required of kids ages 13 and older.

Return to Sports and Physical Activity

Social Support:

AccessMaine Online Resource Guide

COVID-19 Community Services Referral Form: Social Support services are available to ensure that people affected by COVID-19 can safely isolate and quarantine. Use one form per household and services will be provided by location. The more information we have the better able we are to serve the household.

Referral Services for Families with Young Children

Statewide Community Resources


5 Reasons to Vaccinate

AAP COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Toolkit Updated AAP

COVID-19 Vaccine Checklist for Kids

COVID-19 Vaccination Community Clinic Application

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Effort Videos — AD Council & CDC

COVID-19 Vaccine in Children and AdolescentPediatrics Journal

Getting Vaccinated for COVID 19: Youth 6 months – 17 years old

Greater than COVID Digital Toolkit

Kids and the COVID-19 Vaccine Video Series

The Science Behind COVID-19 Vaccines: Parent FAQs

Clinical Guidelines:

Best Practices for Telemedicine Physical Exams

Clinical Considerations for COVID-19 Vaccination

Clinical Management of Children with COVID-19 — NIH

COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment in Maine: A Video Series Primer for Prescribes

COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation in Pediatric Practices

COVID-19: Vaccines and Therapeutics for Providers

FAQs: Management of Infants Born to Mothers with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

Interim Clinical Considerations — CDC

Interim Clinical Considerations for COVID-19 Treatment in Outpatients — CDC

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Clinical Practice Guidelines

Vaccine Information for Providers — Maine CDC

Updated COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine Dosing Quick Reference Guide (Updated September 2023)


The AAP continues to advocate for immediate changes to Medicaid, CHIP, and private insurers so that pediatricians can provide and be paid for telehealth care services. To support these policy changes, the AAP has developed a new resource, AAP Guidance: Telehealth Payer Policy in Response to COVID-19, which outlines policy changes aiming to alleviate barriers to telehealth care. In addition, see how your state’s telehealth policies have changed. Also, be sure to review this telehealth compendium for tools and resources to support your efforts.


Data on COVID-19 vaccination rates for youth by school administrative unit (SAU): These data help school communities make decisions for their schools and guide efforts to increase vaccination rates.

How Schools and Early Care and Education (ECE) Programs Can Support COVID-19 Vaccination

Maine Department of Education (DOE) Toolkit

Operational Guidance for K-12 Schools and Early Care and Education Programs to Support Safe In-Person Learning — CDC


COVID-19 and Children Data Report: Tracks the number of children infected with COVID-19 by state.

Maine CDC’s COVID-19 Data Website: Data on COVID-19 can be filtered by age, gender, county, and outcome.


COVID Is More Like Smoking Than the Flu — The Atlantic

Living with “Long-Haul” COVID-19

Long COVID Support: Read stories and find other resources to support those with long COVID.

Long-Haul COVID-19 in Children and Teens

Young People and Long Covid — John Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine


National AAP #CallYourPediatrician campaign: The campaign aims to reach parents with timely reminders that going to the pediatrician, even during COVID-19, is important and safe.