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CDC Guidelines

Video of Self-swab:

Maine Department of Education - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Responding to a Positive Case in Schools

Return to Activity Guidance

2022 01 21 Return to Play algorithm

AAP updates on COVID-related to return to play 1/28/22:

This is a revised return to play letter with new guidance* regarding return to play after COVID infection and was approved by MAAP leadership. This reflects consensus opinion from pediatric cardiologists, infectious disease, primary care, and sports medicine physicians in Maine. 2/1/2022

*Children under 12 also need to adhere to the same guidelines for getting cleared (i.e. page one of the letter), but once they are cleared, they do NOT need to follow the structured return to play required of 13 yo+, but can go back "as tolerated."

Youth Masking

COVID Face Mask Wearing Tips and Tricks

Mask Guidance for School Aged Children

Mask Desensitization Guide:

Mask Exemptions

Limited indications should be used for children on oxygen, children with a severe developmental disability/NM Disease (cannot remove mask themselves), and certain panic disorders.

Mask exemption letter template

Clinical Guidance Protocols

Patient Guidance on Managing COVID at Home:

Mental Health Resources

NAMI Teen (ages 14-20) Text Line: Hours: Noon-10pm - 207-515-8398

National Crisis Text Line: Text “HOME” to 741741

Maine Crisis Hotline: 1-888-568-1112

Maine Behavioral Health Peer Support Line: 1-866-771-WARM (9276) or 711 (Maine Relay)

Care for Clinicians

We are hard wired for the negative- Check out some of the research on '3 Good Things'

Headspace for Medical Workers: