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School Health Provider/Advisor

§6402-A. School health advisor

Each school board shall appoint one or more physicians or family or pediatric nurse practitioners to act as school health advisor. [PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).]

1. Duties. The school health advisor shall advise the administrative unit on school health issues, policies and practices and may also perform any other health-related functions assigned by the board.

[PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).]

2. Other functions. A school health advisor may perform other medical and health-related duties assigned by the school board, which may include all or some of the following:

A. Examine and diagnose students referred by teachers and other school employees to protect against the outbreak of contagious diseases in the schools; [PL 1985, c. 258, §2 (NEW).]

B. Examine students for participation in physical education and athletic activities; [PL 1985, c. 258, §2 (NEW).]

C. Advise and serve as medical consultant to the school nurse; or [PL 1985, c. 258, §2 (NEW).]

D. Examine school employees and property if the school health advisor believes it is necessary to protect the health of students. [PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).]

[PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).]

3. Prohibition. A school health advisor may not treat any student examined under this subchapter unless the school health advisor is also the student's personal health care provider. A school health advisor that advises a school board pursuant to subsection 1 or performs other functions under subsection 2 may not act outside the scope of practice of the physician or nurse practitioner who functions as a school health advisor as established by law or rule of the applicable licensing board.

[PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).]

4. Appointment. Appointment is on a yearly basis.

[PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).]


PL 1985, c. 258, §2 (NEW). PL 2013, c. 78, §1 (AMD).

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