Board of Directors and Staff

Board Members - Executive Committee

  • Blaisdell

    Laura Blaisdell, MD, MPH, FAAP

    Maine Medical Center - Outpatient Clinic
  • Youth
    Vice President

    Brian Youth, MD, FAAP

    Maine Medical Partners, Mainehealth
  • London Genevieve 15Small

    Genevieve Whiting, MD, FAAP

    Maine Medical Partners - Westbrook Pediatrics
  • Motyl Christopher

    Chris Motyl, DO, FAAP

    MaineHealth - Barbara Bush Children's Hospital
  • Hagler2014
    Immediate Past President

    Deborah Hagler, MD, MPH, FAAP

    Midcoast Pediatrics

Board Members

  • Ahmed mahmuda 1770867368

    Mahmuda Ahmed, MD, FAAP

    Northern Light Health
  • Joseph Anderson 1587669708
    Chair, Advocacy Committee

    Joe Anderson, DO, FAAP

    Central Maine Medical Center Pediatrics
  • Stepp Kristen Amy 15
    Chair, Member Engagement and Communications

    Amy Buczkowski, MD, FAAP

    The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital
  • Burch
    CATCH Facilitator

    Melissa Burch, MD, FAAP

    Northern Light Health - EMMC Pediatrics
  • Carmack

    Adrienne Carmack, MD, FAAP

    Maine Office of Child and Family Services, Med Director
  • Civiello

    Gabriel Civiello, MD, FAAP

    Franklin Community Health Network - Franklin Pediatrics
  • Coates
    Co-Chair, Career, Leadership, Mentorship Committee

    Anne C. Coates, MD, FAAP

    MaineHealth - Pediatric Pulmonology
  • Hale Dan 300X400Px

    Dan Hale, MD, FAAP

    Tufts Floating Hospital - Boston
  • Alyssa Goodwin headshot
    Chair, School Health Committee

    Alyssa Goodwin, MD, FAAP

    Stellar Pediatrics, Topsham
  • Dr Jennifer Jewell
    Chair, Education/ Conference Committee, CATCH Facilitator

    Jennifer A. Jewell, MD, MS, FAAP

    The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital
  • Joy Stephanie 13 Small

    Stephanie Joy, MD, FAAP

    MaineHealth - South Portland Pediatrics
  • Keller

    Emily Keller, MD, FAAP

    MaineHealth - Western Maine Pediatrics
  • Alton Kremer
    Co-Chair, Career, Leadership, Mentorship Committee

    Alton Kremer, MD, PhD, FAAP

  • La Botz Michele
    Co-Chair, Member Engagement and Communications

    Michele Labotz, MD, FAAP

    Intermed - Sports Medicine
  • Losey Larry 2012

    Larry Losey, MD, FAAP

    Midcoast Pediatrics
  • Ohara Valerie Mdo 2
    Co-Chair Telehealth Committee

    Valerie O'Hara, DO, FAAP

    Northern Light Health - WOW Clinic Director
  • Gita Rao

    Gita Rao, MD, FAAP

    Greater Portland Health
  • Sydpix

    Sydney Sewall, MD, FAAP

    MaineGeneral - Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency
  • Stone

    Jeffrey Stone, DO, FAAP

    Inland Hospital
  • Mary
    Co-Chair Telehealth Committee

    Mary Tedesco-Schneck, PhD, RN, CPNP

    University of Maine, Orono
  • Tracy
    Chair, Foster Care Committee

    Andrea Tracy, MD, FAAP

    MaineGeneral Health

Resident Board Members

  • Iyer Jessica 22

    Jessica Iyer, MD

    MaineHealth Pediatric Residency Program
  • Libertin Maria 21

    Maria Libertin, MD

    MaineHealth Pediatric Residency Program

Student Board Members

  • Steward Austin 2022

    Austin Steward

    Tufts University School of Medicine
  • Jyotika Vallurupalli

    Jyotika Vallurupalli

    University of New England College of Medicine


  • Dk Me1
    Executive Director

    Dee Kerry, BSEd

  • Emily B Headshot
    Admin & Project Coordinator

    Emily Belanger RN, BSN

  • Headshot brick edit
    Development Director

    Tiffany Harrington, MBA