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Maine AAP Bill Tracker_May 29, 2023

Advocacy/Legislative Update - June 1, 2023

With less than a month left of the legislative session, Maine AAP priority legislation is still making its way to the Governor’s desk. Pediatricians have been hard at work at public hearings and talking with their legislators. Our top priority bill this session is LD 231, “ An Act to Support the Maine Pediatric and Behavioral Health Partnership Program.” We are thrilled with the Health and Human Services Committee’s unanimous support for the Maine Pediatric and Behavioral Health Partnership Program and ensuring its financial future in this important legislation. The bill is yet to be reported out of committee and will face votes on the House and Senate floor. Another top priority is LD 1837, “An Act to Increase Oral Health Services.” Sponsored by our most recent awardee, Rep Lori Gramlich (D-Old Orchard) this bill secures two oral health positions in state government. The years of work pediatricians have put into educating the Maine legislature on the crisis in childrens’ oral health has paid off with another unanimous vote.

Other high priority bills like LD 1215, “An Act to End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products” have a divided report in committee and not yet reported out. LD 1964, “An Act to Implement the Recommendations to Develop a Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits Program” is scheduled for a work session later this week. The budget is still being worked on by the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. There is much still to be determined before the Legislature adjourns later in June. Our Gun Safety Workgroup, held in collaboration with the Maine Gun Safety Coalition and several other community and hospital partners and gun safety advocacy groups, have worked tirelessly in support of and in opposition to approximately 20 bills. The four bills of top priority that made it out of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee are: LD 22 (prohibit transfer of firearms to prohibited persons), LD 60 (require 72-hour waiting period), LD 168 (criminal background checks for purchase) and LD 1340 (Prohibit sale of rapid-fire modification devices). All, if passed together, can directly impact the saving of lives in Maine. All 4 are pending being reported out to the full Legislative body in the coming days/weeks. Maine AAP members will continue to be an active presence in the State House, advocating for the children and families we care for.

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